Fasinex Drench Sheep 5%

Special Precautions


Kills all three stages of liver fluke preventing liver damage, so sheep stay healthy and productive.

  • Contains triclabendazole
  • Kills all 3 stages of fluke and minimizes liver damage: early immature, immature and adult - down to 2 days old in sheep
  • Treats acute, sub-acute and chronic fluke disease
  • Delays fluke egg laying by up to 10 weeks
  • Requires fewer doses to achieve the same fluke kill as other flukicides
  • Promotes healthy liveweight gain

Ideal for non milk-producing sheep at any age, at any time in the breeding season.  NB: Restrictions apply when using on milk producing sheep.

Available in 2.2 litre and 5 litres 

Suitable for dealing with acute outbreaks, as a routine treatment in both moderate and high risk fluke areas and for treatment of bought in stock before combining with the main flock to prevent buying in a fluke problem.

Dosage: 1ml Fasinex 5% per 5kg bodyweight