Drontal Cat Worming Tablet

Special Precautions


For routine control adult cats should be treated every 3 months and in the event of a heavy round worm infestation, a repeat dose should be given after 14 days:

  • ?Effective as a combined Roundworm and Tapeworm treatment in cats
  • Quick to use and recommended by vets
  • For use on cats over 12 weeks of age
  • Not suitable for cats that are pregnant or in poor overall health
  • Administered orally either with or without food
  • No need for starvation before or after treatment

Dosage: One tablet per 4kg of body weight

Drontal Worming Tablets for Cats is suitable for use on kittens over 6 weeks old and lactating queens, but should not be used during pregnancy.

You should consult your veterinarian before beginning treatment on a pregnant cat.

Do not use simultaneously with Piperazine compounds.