Pharm Binz

Pharm-Binz is designed to help farming businesses to dispose of empty vaccine, antibiotic, wormer and sharps packaging in an easy way.

It supports your agricultural business in its farm assurance compliance, by offering a cost-effective solution for farm clinical waste transfer. 

Founded in 2008, the Pharm-Binz service is unique, well-established and already supporting significant numbers of livestock farmers, smallholders and mixed-stock farmers; horse owners and regular users of pesticides. 

The bin, delivery, collection and incineration of the waste to provide a waste transfer note to comply with the farm assurance requirements N.S.F, Red Tractor and Freedom Foods, are all included in set fees.

A single phone call is all it takes to arrange collection of a full bin and arrange delivery of a replacement unit. 

Pharm Binz

Pharm-Binz service is available to all agricultural businesses, regardless of the size of farm.

As it is tailored to meet specific needs, please call us or go through the online order process to find out more and for fee details.