Our New Product Lines

A combination of developments from UK market leaders or independent suppliers and items which we have expressly sourced to meet an identified need amongst farming communities.

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Worried about protecting against PED virus?

VIROCID is a powerful detergent, active against bacteria, viruses, fungi and spores and is now approved for fighting against PED virus at 1% dilution. Available from AMA in 20 litre canisters and always at the best prices, find out more and order now>> 

In the know - News from our team

With over 1000 livestock care and agricultural products on our warehouse shelves and new farming products coming on line all the time, we at AMA recognise the importance of product knowledge training for our dedicated team. Here’s what we’ve been swotting up on recently!  

Pelgar rodenticides - Rodent control and rodenticide products were the subject of a recent training session by top experts Pelgar, attended by members of our office and warehouse teams.

Biosecurity updates from CID Lines - Members of our office and warehouse teams met with a member of the CID LInes team to receive dedicated training and updates regarding the vital role of disinfection and in-farm biosecurity. 

Rumenco minerals – From mineral buckets to bags, high energy or magnesium-rich formulas, members of our office and warehouse teams have increased their knowledge of Rumenco mineral products for sheep and cattle, thanks to a recent talk and question and answers session with the Rumenco team.

RAPPA electric fencing – An energizing session with the RAPPA team quickly brought  members of our office and warehouse teams up to speed on the latest electric fencing developments at RAPPA including the special speedrite range for smallholders.   

Health & Safety around chemicals – Members of our delivery team, Nick and Ray, joined Boris from the warehouse on a COSHH course. At AMA, we take safety around chemicals very seriously. Farming legislation changes all too often, but we do our very best to ensure that we are up to date, so we can also share our knowledge with our customers and advise on best practice. 

Health & Safety (Warehouse & Workplace) - The emergency first aid at work course has been recently attended by both members of our office and warehouse teams.  

Last updated: Jan 2017  

Great New Products

Thanks to our excellent ongoing relationships with manufacturers and our regular face-to-face contact with our customers, we not only hear about emerging products, but we also find out what our farming customers are really looking for.

Still can’t see what you need amongst our new products here or in our catalogue? Just give us a call and we’ll help source a solution. Chances are, it will become one of our new product lines of the future!

Spotlight on Dynamic Dosing, Stirring & Metering

We're delighted to introduce our customers to an impressive method of controlled dosing with pumps for dosing vaccines, chlorine, acids, H2O2, antibacterials and vitamins. Accurate at all times; no need for stock solutions; all the dosing information on-screen; dosed products do not damage the pump; ratios to suit all products. The products are fully supported by data sheets, dosing guides and instruction videos - all easily accessible online. Do give us a call and speak to Andrew Maskery to find out more. 

Watch the SPINSTIR introductory video »